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Jacy By hey_Jacyyyy Updated Jul 07, 2015

This is how my game is played.
-Maxine Haze 

Let's make a deal.
-Ashton Payne 

Behind every broken girl there's someone with the hammer.
-Kitty Parks 

Guys want to be me; girls want to get with me.
-Alec Payne 

The only thing I want in life, is you.
-Louis Waters 

Rumours are what create people's outside.

I built my world perfect, and nothing's going to ruin it.
-Cynthia Jacobs 

The rides the funest part, no matter how good the end is promised to be.
Love J. 


Maxine's life is complicated to say the least. At school she's seen as the girl that gets into to many fights and that can get you anything. At home she hides from her parents and their cruel ways. When Ashton Payne approaches her and proposes a deal will she take it? Will he find out all Max's dark little secrets? The ones she desperately wants to keep hidden?


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All rights reserved by _DarkestRose_ 

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bobthebuilder727 bobthebuilder727 Jul 06, 2016
I bet she takes it off 😂 idk I just think that's where its heading
Queen_Bae_97 Queen_Bae_97 Apr 27, 2016
Have we met before cause, you sound just like me! But your bitchyness has always been welcome. I never new I could give a speech but what the hell? Somebody needed it!
SydneyRox088 SydneyRox088 Aug 10, 2015
I so am in like love with your writing! I read Badgirl? And I absolutely loved it!! And in this book I was practically hooked by the first paragraph! You need to be an author!
FromKay FromKay Jul 03, 2015
MAX LIKES TEDDIES!!!!!! I was sorta disappoint when Jackie didn't seem to fond of them .~. But this totally makes up for it ^_^
DefinitionOfGay DefinitionOfGay May 10, 2015
Family's, unless you're talking about more than one family :-)