Just let me die

Just let me die

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Alyssa :) By CupcakesEatSugar Completed

Samera tries to kill herself because she knows that she's a pain in the ass to every one and wants to help them by killing herself. After her last attempt, word got out by her enemy Ava. Now people treat her different. Everyone is calling her names. And now that her parents are getting a divorce her world comes crumpling down even more. Samera doesn't know what to do. She wants to be over with.   TRIGGER WARNING SORRY PLEASE BE WARNED


COMPLETED on October 18, 2014!

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  • depression
  • self-harm
daniel2004101 daniel2004101 Dec 19, 2017
i'm glad she told her brother, I burn myself and sometimes cut but I am carful not to go to deep,
juscallmecrazy juscallmecrazy Oct 24, 2017
Out of everyone there is..her brother??i never tell any of my family members when i cut..its just weird
kloe22098 kloe22098 Mar 18
i have a book on manic depression and another on my realisation of hating other people and myself.  maybe someone could read it?
corbissa corbissa Dec 19, 2017
woah i can’t believe she would tell him, i’m so close with my older sister but never would i tell her about this
ayeitzalexis ayeitzalexis Nov 09, 2017
Sure my sister is bleeding from cutting but I’m just gonna drop off my girlfriend to wast time 🙄
Okay, I’ve only read the description for this but body would seriously make fun of somebody or further bully them bc they tried to kill themself. At least not in my town that’s for damn sure.