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Trust This

Trust This

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Chelsea By Cblackglove Completed

Alyssa Brookes. Stylish, graceful, and keeps to herself. No one would guess she's a street fighting champion. She's had a tough time ever since her uncle passed away from cancer. Her mother went out of control, which drove her dad to leave as soon as he could. When her father left she was expected to begin paying rent, so Alyssa started working at a small café downtown. Seeing her struggling, her boss offered her a chance to earn extra cash.

Enter Asher Jones. Handsome, confidant, and the quiet one in the group. He has had it rough all his life, with his parents not around and him never knowing what real love is.  

Everybody knows not to mess with them individually but when you put them together, what do you get?


This story is Copyrighted © Any Plagiarism is punishable by law. Also this story is a part of a Stage 2 Creative Arts assignment so comments are really appreciated :) This story is ONLY a sample and doesn't have much editing; so let me know if you spot any particular errors.

ariyoboo ariyoboo Jun 06
It would be: small, dark path. Both are adjectives to the object of preposition
Cblackglove Cblackglove Jul 22, 2016
Really? Haha I'm kinda in two minds here. Some people don't like the fighting details, others like hearing it then there's those who want loads of the fighting stuff 😂
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Feb 16, 2016
How does tape help give you more powerful blows, it just helps support you fist when you strike, so you don't hurt your wrist as badly
_Alycatty _Alycatty Feb 21, 2016
I didn't read the description no I clicked this cause my name is Alyssa... stop judging me I can fell it... so stop😡
TarrynCutler TarrynCutler Mar 11, 2016
Hey Hun it should be starts otherwise you cross from pass to present and it gets a little confusing :) x
Cblackglove Cblackglove Dec 17, 2015
Hahaha yeah, I find lots of stories that have potential behind the authors ideas but there's like major issues with the actual writing. Anyway I hope you enjoy, though it is fast and short it's also cute.