Mischievous Prince

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LadyLoki23 By LadyLoki23 Completed
When a S.H.E.I.L.D. agent becomes curious, she finds herself drawn by Loki's charming, yet sometimes frightening, allure. Will she fall victim to his evil plans? Or will she be able to stop him from destroying her home?
i can just picture nick fury saying that.... think about it, think about it... there you go.
This story surely got my attention and interest :P
                                    *squeals*  aah! I can't wait to read more.
Sorry if I maybe missed something - but why is she suddenly obeying him?
This is truly amazayn! Fan-RISC should be written like this! Er.... Mind following me?
I love Loki, and I love this story... and this is awesome!!
                                    This is  TRUE fanfiction, in my opinion, and deserves more reads. :) I love it and I've only just finished the first chapter, but Im hooked!! :D Keep up the great work xx
No problemo.  I love to leave comments like these.  I just can't wait to read more.  :)