Romantic Falling Off The Edge( The Problem With Idiocity Is...)

Romantic Falling Off The Edge( The Problem With Idiocity Is...)

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Kake By LoveHurtsHard Updated Mar 29, 2011

Bright Skies With Deadly Lights

(A prolouge but in presents time)

Sweet old Cosmopolis Washington. Terrifiying yes, but it was  normal for me. At least for me.

Word around that there was going to be a wildfire. Going to spread  across the school. We'd all die. But, parents thought it was jibberish.  Teacher's were here for the money only. The only people who escaped?  Were no one. Not even the bad boys in the school who ditched anyways. We  were all going to die and it was planned anyway.

Can't mess with the big guy up in heaven now can we? Its just all a  part of life. You can't escape it. I mean you could, but you'd have to  be immortal or just satan or god to do that. For regular everyday HUMAN  BEINGS, its not so lucky.

"Okay class, school has started so save your weed and phones till  when I turn around to write on the board. Got it peoples? I know how  hard it is to be a teenager, I understand where you get the urge to do  all that stuff from. Just bear with me today, okay? ...

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