The Bullied Mate

The Bullied Mate

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Mimi Dawood By MimiDawood Completed

Alison Thompson she is quite,shy, and innocent, she is also fostered by an abusive single dad who lost his wife from overdoze. She is known as a ' freak' as they like to call her in her school. Alison has had a very tough life from the abusing at home to bullying at school. She attends an all werewolf school. Alison is a human or she thought she was that is until she meet him.

Now meet Blake Jackson, he is your typical normal guy but with the typical leather jacket he is known as the bad boy. His looked came make guys fainted, his smile has send many people to the hospital, and for his eyes. Let just say you don't want to know. He is only waiting for that one person to change his life.... his mate. Well, you see Blake here is a werewolf, an alpha to be exact, and like any other werewolf he has  find his mate, with out his mate he will never be that same. Blake is very possessive about his loved ones for one example is only sister Ashley. 

What will happen if fate but this to messed up people together? Will Blake fix Alison or will he destroy her even more? And will he love The Bullied Mate?  

My First Book Ever. It still needs editing and lots of it. 

Don't Copy this book or I'll sue. Jokes. Not Really.

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