Loki's Apprentice: A Tale Retold

Loki's Apprentice: A Tale Retold

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Emily Mae By Ohsnapitsemily Updated Nov 10

"It's ironic how you speak of cowardice and fear when you hide in the shadows for that very same reason."

"Then tell me, little one." 

He said in a low and menacing voice as he stepped into the light. 

"Has fear consumed you now?"

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chanaenae88 chanaenae88 Jun 13
Everyone hated him and he just wanted to be accepted and loved
He is an attractive guy with an alluring accent and is very smart . He also obviously knows about what it's like to be depressed,showing that deep down,he has a soft side.
MoonOwl113 MoonOwl113 May 11
His back story how everyone hated him because no one is truly hated just like no one is truly loved
Ans: Well...Iron Man's too arrogant, Captain America is too stiff, Hulk is too doctor-ish, Hawkeye is already taken by Natasha, and Thor is with Jane. Not only that, the question is...what's not to like about him?
_katt_y _katt_y Aug 16
How he is played by a man that had the same first name as the one who plays Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton [Draco] Tom Hiddleston [Loki])
Everything about him from his mysterious ways to his broken past.