Falling fate..Hundreds times life of regrets

Falling fate..Hundreds times life of regrets

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jinse126 By jinse126 Updated Nov 09, 2018

All I want is just to stop from falling again..again and again with this devilishly beautiful man.I once thought that our fate had already broken and separate us apart.Until he once again took me into his arms.Even after what he had done to me before.

"Please stay away from me."Stepping back from him..I try putting a safe distance from him.

"How can my love live without me?"He stepped forward,grab my waist and put me into his arms.He traced my neck with his finger and nibbled my ear with his sharp teeth and hot tongue."And I cannot live without you.Mo Chou..you're made for this king."

"No.I was not made for you.You know it clearly."

I once love his sweet words.Every words he spoken was like the melodious sound in this world.But does he think that I will be fooled again.He fooled me,luring me with his love words.But everything he did was after all for one woman.And I am just a tool for him.For him to get her attention.

When he finally get her.I was forgotten..waiting for him.And when he finally came.He shoved me a bowl.It was black..it was foul.I look at him questioning his action.

"Drink it and you will be free.You no longer need to suffer.My wife is sad with you by side.I cannot risk her happiness just for someone."He looked at me with his dagger eyes.

'Someone?So I am truly just a tool.'I looked back to the bowl in my hands.'Poison...He gave me poison.'My tears trickled down my eyes..tracing my cheek and fall flat to the earth.'

He looked at me disgustingly.Impatient with my action.He took the bowl in his hands and shoved the black liquid into my mouth.

I cried...I wailed...I plead..I pushed him as hard as I can...'I WANT TO LIVE'.He ignored me and kept on shoving the black liquid into my mouth until the bowl was emptied.He throws the bowl.My eyes gradually becomes blurry.Even till my last breath...His joyous smile clearly reflecting into my eyes.He accompanied me to my death with his joyous laugh.His voice...once I thought the most melodious.

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