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A Twisted Tale

A Twisted Tale

13.7K Reads 668 Votes 8 Part Story
Gaylord By hoywfiction Completed

The young Prince felt the nausea from the previous night return as he was situated behind the executioner's stage, a pyre set with a stake in the centre. He tried his very best not to remember that Merlin would be mounted upon that very stake in moments, a fire ablaze beneath him...

Phoe-nix Phoe-nix Jun 18
I'm so sad bc of this story then I just read the comments and die of laughter
Should i read this or is it going to break my heart more or as much as the tv finale did????
Pffft. So what he "died" characters "die" all the time!  But they always come back.
I'm sorry but I just started laughing at this because I'm health class last week someone said 'I sniffed a sharpie to the point where I would get high a lot' and my health teacher just sighed and said 'that a boy'
Phoe-nix Phoe-nix Jun 18
OMG @TOO-MANY-FANDOMZ  why are you everywhere now....I used to be everywhere in the Merlin and Percy Jackson fandoms but I haven't been on here in so long....youre the new everywhere person
Lancelot is the greatest. I adore him. I hope he manages to live in this story lol