Dark Enchantress (WTH Book 1)

Dark Enchantress (WTH Book 1)

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Timothy Baril By TimothyBaril Completed

A romantic, fantasy adventure. 

Arwin is betrayed by those he loved. Heartbroken and depressed, he feels lost until he unexpectedly finds himself thrown into a whole new world: Heartstone. It's a place of dragons and nymphs, friendly animated skeletons and giant spiders. Perhaps this is just what he needs, a chance for Arwin to find himself again, to heal, and perhaps to grow. 

Arwin's adventure leads him to the home of the fabled Dark Enchantress, Heartstone's most widely feared sorceress. Will Arwin and his new friend, Yaz, find the long-lost princess they seek in the Dark Enchantress's lair? Will the infamous woman turn them into frogs? Will love blossom? Or will everyone die a cruel and sad but amusing death?

This is a fantasy story for adults. There's romance, comedy, drama, and action. The story is absolutely filled with wordplay and puns and pop-culture references. I doubt you'll recognize everything but...can you catch 'em all? ;)

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