He's Not A Bad Boy

He's Not A Bad Boy

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#Sequel to 'Betting On The Nerd' 

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Nathaniel, or as he likes to be called 'Nathan' or 'Nate', is the son of Elizabeth and Edward Harrington. He and his twin brother are complete opposites. His twin brother resembles his mother Elizabeth: calm, collective and the clever clogs of the house. 

However, Nathaniel is a replica of his father Edward. He has never kept a girl for more than 2 days. He doesn't value relationships; he knows he will never find true love like his parents did, it's not like he was living in a cliché story. 

So what will happen when a new girl enters his life and makes him question it all? 

Find out how Nathan navigates his way through the different relationships in his life. Throughout this journey, he may just end up realising that 'he's not a bad boy' after all. 

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