On the Line ✔️

On the Line ✔️

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Four friends reunite when they are needed to help manage the small-town ski area where they worked for several winters during college. Close proximity ignites feelings of longing for Zane who wants something more from his best ski-buddy, Lina. 

Opening her carefully protected heart to her unattainable crush is proving to be much harder than Lina thought. Is it possible to move from friends to lovers when self-doubt, a complicated history, and present-day chaos stand in their way? How can she reconcile a life with Zane when everything around her is spiraling out of control?  

This ensemble story is the first in The Pines 3-part series. In On the Line, Lina and Zane get to re-write their story first. But watch as the rest of this college foursome including free-spirited Felicity and smarty-pants Jonathan muddle through, searching for their own happily ever afters.

[[**Romance award winner: first place in Writer's Circle Awards 2019 and first place in the Masquerade Awards; second place 3rd Ohana Awards**]]

**This story contains adult language and some sexual content but nothing too explicit.**
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