Space Spinster (COMPLETED)

Space Spinster (COMPLETED)

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Domi Sotto By DomiSotto Completed

Ultra-rich aliens take a Stellar Cruise to Jupiter. But it is the security specialist on board, Vera Gorelko, who gets all the 'fun'. She and hers butt heads with a shifty Dr. Mikado in the face of a suspicious threat to the space cruise liner. After the action-packed shift, Vera looks forward to her shore leave on Mars, but no! Her nemesis, Mikado, recruits her for his dream expedition beyond the Solar System. 

Alas, as humans, the duo run into problems with their exit visas, unlike their two alien crewmates. To speed things up, Vera and Mikado accept an undercover mission from the all-powerful alien authority. Their destination is the eco-cultural paradise, Planet Earth. Time to dust off the resume with Stellar Cruises!

Too bad the shiny brochures neglected to mention that the regional specialty is deadly secrets, both human and extraterrestrial.

Cover Art: By @KatySantiago8
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