The Secretary (18+)

The Secretary (18+)

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jacqui022 By jacqui022 Updated Nov 17, 2014

As my hand reached for the door knob, Jason grabbed my wrist and spun me around and slammed me on the door, pinning both my hands above my head with his right hand. I gasped. He did the movement gently, but yet rough. The atmosphere was hot and tense. He pressed his body against mine. I could feel his hard, throbbing cock on my clit. Instantly, my body responded. The way he took possession of my body thrilled me. He started to kiss my neck and slowly went up to my left ear. His breath felt hot against my skin. I couldn't think straight in fact I couldn't breathe straight.

"You think you can just walk out on me." He said with a gruffly voice. 

To make his silent message a point. He trailed his left hand passed my nipples, which were hard and very sensitive, right down to my stomach. He again started kissing my neck then slid his hand down my pants pass my panties. Once I felt his fingertips gently brushing my pussy, I gasped and closed my eyes. I am so sensitive and wet down there. I felt his smile on my neck.

"My, My, My somebody is so wet. I love how your body is ready to respond to my touch." He lowered his head up to my left nipple and started to lick it. I whimpered and jerked my pelvis upward. He chuckled, sliding two fingers into me. I moaned feeling so passionate. He trailed his lips up to my ear and said in a taunting tone. 

"After this, You won't be able to stay away and I won't let you." ....................

The short tempered, tender, sometimes shy and understanding Rosemary Davies goes through some weird and passionate moments with her dark, mysterious, short tempered and sexy boss, Jason Blackwell. She tries to control that tigress passion she has for him because He is married, but all that self control came crashing down. Will Rosemary make a bad decision or Will she go for it and be happy?

Kiss_Mii_Oreos Kiss_Mii_Oreos Sep 20, 2015
well somebody is small but that ain't none of mii business doe☕☕
I honestly loved your writing, it's just so great and not something you come across everyday