A Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles of Drakkenborne

A Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles of Drakkenborne

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Ændring Blade By DarkShadowGames451 Updated Oct 21

When light is bestowed upon and object, shall a shadow appear. Like opposites, they cannot exist without one another...

Thanks to the negligence of of his parents, a young boy is nearly murdered by the belligerence of his homeland. However, a mysterious elderly man intervened, rescuing the boy from certain death. Taking the boy as his own, the old man and his wife trained the boy in  along with four other children in the ways of the arcane practices as means to get them stronger. 

And after years of rigorous training, the now young adult returns to show his ex-family and homeland what they had lost.

Now witness the ordeals of Naruto Ventos Drakkenborne with his new family in both Earthland and Yoso no Kūni!

This is a Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles Of Drakkenborne!