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The Bet With The School's Bad Boy

The Bet With The School's Bad Boy

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brianna By bribribrains13 Updated Sep 02, 2015

"I heard you're a player
so let's play a game,
Let's sweet talk,
Let's play fight,
Let's talk 24/7,
Let's tell each other good morning and good night everyday,
Let's take walks together,
Let's hang out with each others' friends,
Let's go on dates,
Let's talk on the phone all night long,
Let's hold eachother,
Let's kiss and hug,
And whoever falls in love first?

Send.  That text might just have been the biggest mistake, straight A student, Emma Collins could ever make.  Would she be able to prove to, school's bad boy, Cole Stone that he can't have any girl he wants?  Or will she prove he's right and get her heart broken like the rest?(unedited)

Lol That's got to be good to bully him with imagine the "Bad Boy" has "Petunia" for a middle name , sounds weak to mr
AlyricLamb AlyricLamb Jun 15, 2016
Oh loving this story already... But the bad boys middle name is petunia... I was dead😂😂
EdithDiaz5 EdithDiaz5 Sep 14, 2016
I kind of fell down the stairs on my third day of high school
hella9986 hella9986 Aug 08, 2015
good story so far but don't be afraid to use more commas and seperate things a bit more, it is easy to get lost.
hella9986 hella9986 Aug 08, 2015
most girls would slap a bitch if someone they barely knew did that
hella9986 hella9986 Aug 08, 2015
I did the math, since the oldest child is 18 and the mother is 30 that means the child was born when the mother was 12, just pointing it out cuz it bothered me.