The Boy With The Crush [Lashton AU]

The Boy With The Crush [Lashton AU]

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Baby By Larry_Lashton Completed

Ashton is a freshman who is infatuated with Luke, his best friend Calum's friend, who is a Junior. He always tries talking to him and would do anything for the basketball star. But Calum was sick of Ashton talking about Luke all the time and let it slip to Luke that Ashton is crushing on him.  

What happens when Luke finds out?

© 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

I'm gonna die jesus christ the embaressment is tearing me apart
They are great as a band and great as solo artist... I still prefer the band 😞
me trying to explain to my teacher why i didn't do my homework hahahahahahaha
She's like, "Hey, ya play basketball?"
                              I'm like, "Yeah, I'm the best on the team!"
I read this story five times already and I still get excited whenever I read it again. Ghaddddd
mary_rider mary_rider Dec 05, 2016
@sstylik well, this book will make you laugh and maybe even hate luke!