The Boy With The Crush [Lashton AU]

The Boy With The Crush [Lashton AU]

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Ashton is a freshman who is infatuated with Luke, his best friend Calum's friend, who is a Junior. He always tries talking to him and would do anything for the basketball star. But Calum was sick of Ashton talking about Luke all the time and let it slip to Luke that Ashton is crushing on him.  

What happens when Luke finds out?

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JoyAnneC JoyAnneC Feb 23
Bro I had to keep re-reading this I was like "he doesn't do gym because math is to hard to exercise!?" Jeepers nuts I was so confused xD
Omyitzno0ry Omyitzno0ry Mar 09
that. is. literally. me. I tried hating my crush but it ended up in them being hotter bc they got sick :)))))) I’m DEAD
5_sec_of_1D 5_sec_of_1D Mar 03
She looks like a cheesesteak standing there 
                              Sorry completely off topic
i hate it too. if it’s one of my friends i don’t care but if it’s someone who only talks to me for the homework i hate it
LouFckinBottoms LouFckinBottoms Jan 22, 2017
I read this story five times already and I still get excited whenever I read it again. Ghaddddd