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Wattdog129 By wattdog129 Updated Nov 13, 2014

"Empty your fucking pockets!" I snarled, edging the blade closer to his groin.
He was still grinning at me. "Put the weapon down kitten, don't want to hurt yourself do you?" 
I saw red and lunged at him.
Somehow in a matter of seconds I was pressed down into the bed with hunters arms and legs pinning mine down and his abdomen holding my hips from thrashing around.
"I warned you kitten," he whispered in my ear huskily.
"Let me go you goddam self conceited arrogant prick!" I hissed trying to wriggle my body out from under his. 
" you might want to stop that," he grinned.
"As much as I hate you right now, I FUCKING LOVE MONOPOLY!" I yelled and scrambled off hunter-
Fingers latched onto my waist and I was yanked back down onto his lap.
"We really need to sort out that nasty little language of yours kitten, I don't approve." He whispered huskily in my ear, before nibbling it gently.

FabPerson25 FabPerson25 Aug 28, 2016
                              I KNOW FOR A FACT YOU WATCH TEEN WOLF SO GET WITH IT CHIC!!!
FabPerson25 FabPerson25 Aug 28, 2016
Sorry I'm Tyler Hoechlin All The Way And My Best Friend Is Mrs O' brien
oh_so_obrosey oh_so_obrosey Sep 14, 2015
T-POSE YAAAAAAS! although I prefer Dylan O'Brien but I'd still take Tyler any day XD
Rishka14 Rishka14 Jan 31, 2015
I'm I like the book but you make it too confusing. Write more clearly next time and your book will be a hit
mollie0104 mollie0104 Jan 07, 2015
Okay I don't want to tell you how to write your book but why the FŪCK is she so unlikeable and BlTCHY
mollie0104 mollie0104 Jan 07, 2015
Why does everyone think Tyler posey is so hot? I'll take Dylan O'Brian over him any day