He's not only my boss**'✔️|

He's not only my boss**'✔️|

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♚ Dat Carib blood By AdoreNiah_ Completed

He laid his lips on top of my neck, enticing me. Dominance took hold of my body while I laid back in the limo. I know what we were doing was wrong, but not one part of me wanted to stop. Carter slid his hands up and down my thighs, caressing them, kissing them, sucking them and all I could do was moan, groan, and be breathless. I wrapped my hand around his head as he went lower, lower, and even more lower. His lips swiftly danced across the inside of my thighs. I gripped his head and he immediately pulled down my underwear, with no mercy. 

The driver rolled down the Partition

"Mr. Carter your wife is on the line."

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Hippepezlovely Hippepezlovely 6 days ago
........... OK I'll just picture her as someone else. I just don't see Bey as idk
BiebzLilMama BiebzLilMama 4 days ago
amyahxbae amyahxbae Dec 18, 2016
I'm so confused as to why people are leaving Queen B. Like it's a name chill 😂 overdramatic asses. Go read a book with a cliche character like selena gomez then 😂 bye ✌
NoNo_Shade_ NoNo_Shade_ Dec 11, 2016
F*ck Becky with the good hair... It's Yolanda the assistant now 😂
Catlilia Catlilia Nov 08, 2016
Guyyyys, listen! The book is good. I thought it would've been a cliche story where they are both in the entertainment business but that's not true. I'm bout to read it....idgaf. Just give it a chapter or two
BiebzLilMama BiebzLilMama 4 days ago
Uhhh...you're supposed to be bomb. I mean, it's your job after all!