Queen of Fire

Queen of Fire

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Clarissa Channing By moonlightcoconut Updated Jun 01

Amethyst Darksong was your average teenage, or so she thought. The day her school was under attack, the day she discovered the horrors she thought were fantasies. 
   Her life was turned into a nightmare when she was sent to face a bloodthirsty psycho, who wants to rule the world and loved spilling the blood of Fae. But when she disappeared, her companions had no choice but to track him down without her. But what will they encounter on their journey? As they tracked him down, they realized he was more than a psycho bloodthirsty for power...

Lovely cover by @Aphrodite270 

This is the first draft, which means it had grammatical mistakes, typos, and probably plot holes. 

Names, characters, and incidents are the sole property of the author's imagination or are used with fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, places, business establishments, events or locations are purely coincidental.

Slow updates due to school work

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