Golden Eyed Gunslinger

Golden Eyed Gunslinger

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Then she heard the shorty, Jane, mention that they'd missed one. The ravenette's gaze narrowed at the newborn who looked to be about fifteen. And when the baby vampire dropped to the ground and began to scream, she aimed her rifle at Jane and cocked it, everyone's attention on her,  "Don't do it mate. She's mine."

One of the vamps, a honey blond one looked at her in shock.

Her accent was weird, yeah, she was from New York, but movin' around a lot can make it all sorts of fucked up. 

Aro's pet glared at her and was about to use her gift when the ravenette fired right next to her foot! "Gah on sweetheart, yah know I don't miss."

Jane stuck her nose up in the air, like the ponce she is, "Aro has been wondering where you are. He'll be glad to know you're here."

The gunslinger grinned smugly, "And tell that rat bastard I won't, cause I'll be gone before yah can eat yah next human."

One of the vamps behind Jane growled, but she held up her hand. And they were gone.

The golden eyes, as she could properly see them now, stared at her with guardin' expressions, but the brunette newborn raced at her and threw her arms around her. Dry sobs were wept into her brown leather, underbust vest. She was feelin' a bit uncomfortable, not really used to being touched, and gently detached herself from the girl before walking over to her hat. The newborn followed her closely, almost afraid to be away from her. 

One of the golden eyes cleared his throat just as she picked her old hat up. "Pardon me,"

She glanced up with a raised eyebrow, to see the obvious patriarch of the coven speak again, "Who are you?"

The woman smirked up at them as she brushed the snow off her hat, "I, Ladies and gentlemen, am Henriette McCarty."

The honey blond vampire sucked in a breath as he finally realised who she was.

She put the hat on her head and brushed her fingers along the wide brim, "But you can call me Billy the Kid."

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