Age of Aether -- A Steampunk Adventure-Romance Novella.  When Capt. Ben Bantam is tapped to go back in time in order to retrieve a cure for the vicious Shadow plague, he is shocked to arrive in an alternate 1944 where electricity doesn't exist. Instead, a parallel past has mysteriously arisen -- complete with parasols, stunningly luxurious Aerotels, hydrologic computing, Helux-powered 'cloud growlers' and a space elevator-based moon race with Germany. And of course, there is the lovely Dr. Rachelle Archenstone ...  But when Hitler is made Chancellor in this world and the American space program sabotaged, Bantam is the only one who realizes the true depth of the danger posed by the newly formed Nazi party. Together with Rachelle, he races to save this America while seeking an explanation to the mystery of this alternate past -- and with it, a way to return to his own world with the Shadow's cure. But when it comes down to a choice between his lovely Rachelle and a thousand years of Nazi rule, what will he do?  Thrill to a tale of a Yesterday that never was ... And yet was!
Wow great story! makes me as a beginning writer feel minute >.<
I love your story!!! Would you mind reading mine? I just started and I don't know if it's good or not... so if you could check it out and give me some feedback that would be awesome!!!! Thanks! and also if your looking for a good story to read try reading @Divergent_is_my_life stories!!!!!!
Wow, it didn't take me long to get hooked! I love this book so far its amazing! Aha, I thought his last name was Batman too for a moment! This book is brilliant!!! :D
Is the Bantam/Batman thing on purpose? Or am I just reading way too much into the story? :)
Ok I'm a big 'name' person so I had to bring this up. I'm sure that you realize it by now, or someone else did, but as I was reading your summary my mind flipped two letters in your main guys last name. Bamtan becam Batman. Again, I just had to say it. 
wow i luv this book i can't believe that the first book that im in love with it Luv It<3