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The littlest salvatore sister(a klaus mikaelson love stroy)

The littlest salvatore sister(a klaus mikaelson love stroy)

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Hinata's waifu By teenwolf_girl0817 Updated Jan 24, 2015


Hi my name is marigold Salvatore.Yes Salvatore.I am the little sister of damon and stefan Salvatore.If you got a problem with it, fix it 'cause it ain't my problem.Anyway my brothers beat me half to death after they found out i ratted Katherine out.I was only doing it to protect them.The little ungrateful bastards.Any who klaus Mikaelson as in the original hybrid found me and now i am in a relationship with him.Any way the mikaelson family are like my family.If you mess with them i will kill you.We protect each other no matter what.God i sound like elijah.I only got one thing to say to my brothers.I am back and badder than ever so you better watch ya backs.Bye-bye.
A reminder that this is one of my old books,so it has a bunch of grammar mistakes and a confusing plot.

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