Lucky number 13. // Sons of anarchy

Lucky number 13. // Sons of anarchy

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A_Eazy By A_eazy Updated Nov 23, 2018

Mazikeen Robinson was the daughter of samcro memeber, Chibs Telford. 

When Chibs and her mother, Winter Robinson, fell in love he left Winter heartbroken and angry. Winter left Charming and moved to NYC only to find out later that she was pregnant to the man she hated. 

She found protection from a man named Damon Pope who agreed to keep both her and her baby girl safe. 

Mazikeen  grew up being hated by her mother for reasons she did know or understand. Winter despiser Chibs and therefore took out all her anger on her daughter. 

When Winter dies from a drug overdose Damon Pope take Mazikeen in. Training her as one of his top child soldiers. All soldiers are given a number and their old identities are wiped from existence and thus Thirteen was reborn. 

She eventually grow up to become Popes best hitman. That's when the Sons of Anarchy hire her. Will it be just another job? Will it be more than that? Will they find out who she really is?

Read to find out! X

Started 18/10/2018.