The Psycho Is Innocent | ✓

The Psycho Is Innocent | ✓

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Sheree Mckenna By XFiction_GoddessX Completed

Status: Completed
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She watched silently as his image flickered across the television, letting the dim lights flash across her face and fill the dark and empty room. Ariel Campbell twirled a strand of her red hair around her long fingertips and bit her lip harshly as his mugshot flickered across her dilated dark irises. She frowned, clutching onto the strands of her hair tight enough to rip it from her scalp as the hot scorching blood boiled up from beneath her skin. 

She was going to find out who framed Tobias Aspen, she was going to crack this case and free the person she adored most in the world. Away from the psychopaths that he surrounded himself with and was also dimmed one for the horrendous crime he was accused of. 

She was going to prove that the Psychopath was Innocent. 

No matter what it took.

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