The Whispering Wind *Trigger Warning* -complete-

The Whispering Wind *Trigger Warning* -complete-

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Wolfe By WolfishMagic Updated Oct 18, 2016

The sun began to set and Ash shivered in the wind. His legs dangled over the edge once again, most nights Zach was here and he found that he felt much happier than usual, but today Zach wasn't there and Ash felt worse than he had in the room with his uncle. His life was in his hands, he could take it whenever he wanted. Perhaps that was best, he would be happy and Zach wouldn't care too much. In the end Zach was just staying until he realised how much of a wreck Ash really was.

Abused and alone Ash is thrown into boarding school where he meet's Zach, the rebellious red head from heaven. Can Zach save him from hell or will he lose the thing he holds dearest?
Bad description....
Mentions of Sexual abuse, Mentions of Rape, Drug Use, Suicidal Stuff ect.

Also I'm writing a prequel

  • abuse
  • abused
  • abusive
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  • childabuse
  • death
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