The Game Plan

The Game Plan

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"You're Britt Manning?" He asked, his face full of shock.

"Uh yes." I said, laughing.

"What?" I asked as he continued to stare at me in shock.

"You're not what I expected." He said, his expression becoming amused.

"What were you expecting?" I asked, folding my arms across my chest.

"Well, I certainly didn't expect curls." He said with the same stupid smile on his face.

Britt and Nick went to completely different schools. 

In fact, they didn't even know the other existed until the state championship football game appeared on both their calendars. Now they are involved in the biggest fight of their lives... and they're on opposite sides.

ayyyyy finally a girl who into sports but also like looking cute
tiarebourne tiarebourne Jun 23, 2015
I love the intro, it is different and attracts your attention right away!
limitlessopportunity limitlessopportunity Mar 05, 2015
@romanceandcake I think insulting someone's work is rude and continuously insulting it is overkill.  Now how about you enjoy her fantastic writing and keep your snarky comments to yourself.
limitlessopportunity limitlessopportunity Mar 04, 2015
@romanceandcake I think the author did a fantastic job with this!  the whole point is that she is normal so it's not a cliche story.  it makes it easier for people to relate to her.  How could someone overemphasize that?
romanceandcake romanceandcake Mar 04, 2015
I feel like there is too much emphasis on her being a "normal" teenage girl so far.
romanceandcake romanceandcake Mar 04, 2015
I don't mean to sound rude but I would wait to introduce that much. You could put into words and descriptions that she's not a stereotypical football girl with out stating it all out there like that.