He Wasn't A Jerk Online (He Wasn't A Jerk #1) ✓

He Wasn't A Jerk Online (He Wasn't A Jerk #1) ✓

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Michelle Therese By onedirectiion_ Completed

⁑⁑⁑ EDITING ⁑⁑⁑
[Winner in the 2012 Watty Awards]: 
★ Read at your own risk. There are major grammar issues, plot holes and probably some really annoying stuff in this book. If you want to read a story written when I was 12, then please proceed. Major editing in process. ★

    Eighteen year old Victoria Green has been spending her life trying to mend everyone else's broken pieces back together - but what happens when they begin not to fit?

A cheating , absent father with a much younger mistress, a distraught mother who cannot possibly take care of her emotionally damaged self and an unfamiliar new city is more than broken, it's a freaking disaster.
A spur-of-the moment decision to pack up and move halfway across England to the small, quaint town of Doncaster in seek of a new life does nothing to piece back together the broken Green household.

In an attempt to escape the Hell of her reality, Victoria begins to live vicariously through the older instant messaging website AIM.  I mean, no one goes on that thing anymore, right? 


When she meets someone under the name Singingforlife24, she begins to develop dangerous and unsolicited feelings for the person behind the strange, yet soothing username. Conversations that lasted a few short messages turns into an everyday occurrence and before she knows it, Victoria is falling hard for the stranger behind the username. 

Meeting the town's a**hole wasn't in her plans - nothing was. But as they always say - there's a thin line between love and hatred (of a jerk, that is). 

He Wasn't a Jerk Series (MUST be read in order):
#1: He Wasn't a Jerk Online
#2: He Wasn't a Jerk Before
#3: He Wasn't a Jerk After All
#4: He Wasn't a Jerk In The End

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SuperLeaf SuperLeaf Dec 18, 2015
Do you want grammar editing? As in whenever I come across a grammar error or something of the sort then I would comment a correction. Some writers don't appreciate it when readers correct them so let me know  :)
leegoolaasderp leegoolaasderp Jun 05, 2014
this book gave me major feels like i read this last year and im reading it again bc i love it <3<3
ChristinaLove00 ChristinaLove00 Jun 03, 2014
I read this before but I didnt know you wrote 2 more after #2 so im reading the whole thing again
AnkaRose AnkaRose Nov 07, 2013
i havent read the first chapter yet, i've only read the table of contents and that was enough to make me fall inlove with this book <3 i cant wait to actually start reading x
floralluxe floralluxe Oct 15, 2013
Hey peeps! check 'Life is rosy' i wrote it. It's Niall Horan fanfic XD
thewaterbender thewaterbender Sep 29, 2013
Lool x) Victoria has a secret...
                              VICTORIA'S SECRET (the clothing line...)
                              Ok, I'll go now... --'