roses and their thorns.

roses and their thorns.

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"Its like you built our relationship with lies." He muttered in disdain and tears shamelessly fell down his cheeks. 

"What did you expect? I couldn't have told you everything from the beginning." I cried and listened to my heart beat slowly. 

"We've been together for months. You could've told me sooner!" He grimaced and turned away.

"How could I? You can't easily slip these things into a conversation." I sat up and fiddled with my fingers. I was scared that he'd leave me, just like my mother did. 

"It isn't about slipping it into conversation easily. Its about it being the topic of the conversation. For fucks sakes, you make an excuse for everything!" I hated when he yelled at me. Tears threatened to pour out of my eyes, but I refused to cry. Too much was going on for me to waste my time crying. "You're fucking dying Elias! This is shit you don't leave out when you're dating someone!" 

"Its not that serious." I argued, but it was a lie. It was serious. Very serious. My heart could give up on me at any moment.

I watched as he shook his head in disappointment before leaving and slamming the hospital door shut. Without hesitation, the tears involuntarily fell down my face as I sobbed.

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