Blood of the Reprimanded Angel

Blood of the Reprimanded Angel

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The Seven Colored Kings were once feared, and respected, they ruled Japan in the shadows. But, they have disappeared along with the Dresden Slate.

After World War III, Japan is in ruins and divided into east and west, overseen by the CFC and Nikkouren. However the CFC and Nikkouren decided to purged all Strains and seven colored clans after the disappearances of the Kings. 

Five years later.... the nation is still divided, and the leaders of the opposing groups hold completely opposite ideals for the future. And the Seven Colored Kings are still missing..

Akito who is a member of HOMRA is arrested for using his red powers and sentenced to death. However he is offered another option go to Toshima and participate in Igura to defeat Il Re and disband Vischio on behalf of the government. But also to search information about a rumor of a sighting of a Sword of Damocles that floated above Toshima.

Willing to take the offer, Akito sets out to Toshima to find out more information about the rumor. But finds out that he's not the only one trying to find out about the rumor. The other clans are also on the look out and they are also wanting to defeat Il Re to reclaim the city itself.

Now it's up to Akito to defeat Il Re as quickly as possible. But, when the infamous Shiki who is named as the most powerful man in Toshima has eyes on Akito. Akito must now use everything he has to find his missing King and help reclaim Toshima to restore it's former glory.

But, will Akito have to fight against Shiki who wants more than Akito's skills? Or will Akito have to surrender to Shiki in order to find the missing Seven Colored Kings?

A Project K fanfiction crossover with Togainu no Chi.

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