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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

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xXBeckyFoo By xXBeckyFoo Completed

The Next Generation has survived tragedies and enjoyed happiness during their first years at Hogwarts. Now older, smarter, and more united, their bonds are tested as life keeps getting harder. Everything starts to get challenged when emotions change, when new people arrive, and when evil decides to play with them. [Sequel to 'Leave Out All the Rest'.]

The family tradition when they
                              See their kids snogging, they cant stand if so their like giveme a firewhiskey , aka the new beer!!!! Oi giveme a beer Xd Jk
Ginny- this is not Movie Ginny this is book ginny and im like woooooooo yeahhhhhhhhhh you go independent gurlllllllllll
I thought it said as she pushed her husbands Arthur, George, and Percy, and Audrey out the backdoor LoLZ im crying @xXBeckyFoo
AHHHHHH It didn't reveal it until the end!!!!!!! A TEDorie wedding! I was wondering why victorie wasn't there and they were all wearing yellow, plus I was like what event did they not need to be late for lolz!!!!
I was expecting her to say, only because it involves a mutual feeling of firewhiskey