Reincarnated as an Cute Overpowered Assassin Reaper.

Reincarnated as an Cute Overpowered Assassin Reaper.

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MADDVLD96 By MADDVLD96 Updated 4 days ago

Chihei Kanari is a boy with gray eyes and gray hair. He has average grades, he is a chibi(small child), and he has a face of a girl which makes him cute.

He and his classmates get summoned to a new world to help them in the war with the demon lord.

Sadly Kanari was the weakest among them. He then got killed but by the mercy of a mysterious being he was revived with overpowered stats. He then starts his reign of terror.

  • anime
  • demons
  • ecchi
  • fantasy
  • gods
  • harem
  • isekai
  • lemon
  • mature
crazrygamer crazrygamer 2 days ago
God: Hey I'm god you know how you live in your world, well now you have to live in this world bye.
                              "Hello! I am God!"
                              XD XD XD XD XD
                              I cant!
                              Its too much!
                              I'm dying!
                              XD XD XD XD XD
MikeIsKool MikeIsKool 6 days ago
I told you she was a child rapist...She just smelled his hair for God’s sake!
DJzero-six DJzero-six Oct 30
I know where this is going,  Icve read too much hentai manga
NO RAPEEEEEEEE FBI OPEN UPPP!!!! this time its the other way around
anime_wars251 anime_wars251 a day ago
*starts dancing around* buuuulllllshhhiiiiit~ you could have let him beat slimes on his own