Kissing Skulls *Revised*

Kissing Skulls *Revised*

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Nikki By nikki_says_so Updated Nov 15, 2012

It’s not easy being a teenage vampire slayer with an authority complex.  Especially when you have an equally volatile, yet hunky, boss who seems to have it out for you.  Not to mention being mistaken for a missing—presumed insane—vampire princess. 

Yep, Mary’s life is about to be turned upside down, as she becomes trapped between two ancient orders in a feud that stretches back thousands of years. 

Throw in a few instances of losing consciousness in odd places, writing cryptic notes to herself and coming back from the dead... Well, Mary's in for a whole new definition to the word "trouble." 

Not to mention boy problems—those are never fun.

  • kissing
  • princess
  • skulls
  • slayers
  • vampires
arista17 arista17 Jan 29, 2017
I've read some of your works, and I really love them, you works your word so easily, and make them enjoyable, and since English was my third language, I would wave off all confusion, even me could addicted to your story. Thank you!
Lehlanix Lehlanix Dec 13, 2014
This reminds me of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I loved the romance and banter between Dimka and Rosemarie. :) Hope this is equally as good, can't wait to read! ;)
JoanneOrtiz JoanneOrtiz Aug 22, 2014
This means they don't need money for the cab anymore and there is no need to call Dustyn. Makes more sense for them to take the smelly body of the ghoul in their own car. The keys to such car could've been in Dave's duffel bag. Then they would need Dustyn's help.
JoanneOrtiz JoanneOrtiz Aug 21, 2014
Question: "baseball" bat? The size of a baseball is too small...
nusrathn nusrathn Aug 04, 2013
I really love this book as with all your stories, please update this soon when your not too busy. Thank you in advance xxx
ASilverBullet ASilverBullet Nov 12, 2012
Great saga you got going on here! Almost reminds me of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Amazing flow to it! Kickass! I love the story.