Fairies Not Found (Fatal Error #1) ✔

Fairies Not Found (Fatal Error #1) ✔

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Getting sucked into your favorite video game is not just a dream that parents call foolish. Sixteen-year-old hacker Malory can tell you how it feels. She's been playing this way for years―but she knows the wrong move could trap her in her computer forever.

There's more: her memories and inner turmoil are fueling the software. That's how she saw her action-adventure paradise taking a sharp horror turn, after she came out of childhood with a few skeletons in her closet. J-L, the recurring boss, has now so much power over the game that it's nearly unplayable. And his influence might well spread beyond it . . .

Malory can't possibly share this secret with her parents. She has lost the hacker community's trust. Her two best friends, Chloe and Tilda, are her only hope of defeating J-L―even if it means tricking them into helping her and risking their lives. If Malory can't overcome her childhood demons and turn her real life around, she will lose her best friends to a virtual sanctuary that she's not even sure she can fix.

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"Every Heart a Doorway" meets "Otherland", with the eerie atmosphere and more personal quest of "Alice: Madness Returns", in this YA sci-fantasy.
May also leave an aftertaste of "Tomb Raider", "Silent Hill" and "Black Mirror" ;-)

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