The Way We Get By

The Way We Get By

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Nicole Miller By _nicolemiller Completed

Boys don't have eating disorders. Those are only for vain, teenage girls. Not for Alex. 

Alex Rivera doesn't know why he started counting calories or why he's addicted to stepping on the scale. He just knows it's what he needs to do. 

His parents don't understand, and neither does his twin brother - the hotshot player of the school. His little sister doesn't get it. His fucking pet lizard doesn't get it. 

None of them understand how, a family so happy and so healthy, could've festered this disorder. A disorder that's taken everything from Alex. 

As the heartbreaking secrets unfold and Alex's disorder is brought under the microscope, the Riveras must find a way to get by, even through the impossibility of Alex's eating disorder, a molestation charge, and the realization that pain isn't always clear-cut and obvious. 

Told through multiple point of views, The Way We Get By shines a light on the often ignored side of mental health and eating disorders, and it shows that with a little love, humor, and sacrifice, absolutely anything is possible.

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