The Forgotten - Brothers Conflict

The Forgotten - Brothers Conflict

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F A E <3 By MadameFae Updated Feb 02

True love eh? It's different for everyone. When I think of true love, I think of the elderly couple sitting on a park bench holding hands and enjoying the time they have left together and even though they have had the past 60 years together, it still isn't enough for them. When they say True Love, I think of beach weddings and children's laughter, I think of honeymoons and sweet morning spent together.

It could've been True Love for the both of us? But what happened? Why did you decide to leave? Why you - out of all the people - wanted to leave me because I was "me"? 

True Love for me suddenly became a Forgotten Memory... Loving too hard that you cry in bed all night, thinking he loved only the way you made him satisfied and not the way you made him laugh, the way you made him cry of laughter. True Love became miserable winter days spent inside, wearing your sweater, holding a blade in my hand... hoping you'll come back to me...

(c) PeurpleSword

-_-||. I don't know what to think but .......why did this happen to me!!~
What once was mine was a clock sized oreo (: No questions asked
Is it weird that I scoffed and giggled at this? I mean like... I'm crying... Author-chan.. Do you hate him? 😂😂😂😂
*le gasp* yesss...Fuuto's in this story....he isn't really aired in any other.....I mean uh- OH. IT'S JUST FUUTO. GTFO MAN.
                              TURN UP! *starts dancing weirdly while Be Our Guest plays in background*
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                              I knew this book was going to be a good from the moment I saw it!
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