Revenge Marriage

Revenge Marriage

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"Why did you do it? How would I be able to raise them alone they need you Emilia they need their mother, I need my wife can't you just ditch the Jesus and come back to me. I love you I need you" Jason said as he buried his face in his hands

"I could give everything to be in your arms and kiss you" he said while sobbing  

Bad things happen to good people that's what everybody had heard and that's the truth and it hurts like hell.


Emilia McCann was a girl that could lighten everybody's face just by her smile she was beautiful, kind, loving, she was everything that you could have ever thought about a person.

Jason Knight was a kind man too but something miserable happened with him since his childhood but people change right and somebody changed him too in a really good way now he was selfless, loving and charming man with his family but the fate hand something different planned for him.


Warning! This is my first book when I started this I had no idea how I am gonna end it but then I gained interest I wanted to make my story amazing and unpredictable. It's my first attempt to write a book I was really nervous. I am not that good at English so please ignore any grammatical errors.

◇ This story has not been edited yet so I would suggest you to read at your own risk.

◇ It's a kind of rollercoaster I guess.

◇ I think you all should give this story a try please!

◇ Just because I have written about drugs, abuse or rape dosent mean that i encourage any of it!

◇ If you don't like it then just kindly leave I don't wanna respond to hate comments

Well I think I blabbered a way lot more than I should have but I am talkative so...leave it 


☆Started - 15 October 2018☆

☆Ended - 1 February 2019☆

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