Baby Steps (Marianas Trench fanfic)

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MtrenchReader By MtrenchReader Updated 2 years ago
26 year old Mel is trying to follow in her favourite band's footsteps and break into the music industry. Summer tours, festivals and unexpected complications arise and Mel will have to deal with it all along with some other surprises.
@MtrenchReader No problem, and I can't wait to read the update! :)
Oh Ok! i thought it was a trench song i never heard. But Ive never seen anything of Josh doing Counting crows..
i feel so freaking stupid. What's Round Here? I've never heard it. Oh and i like sunglases guy too
If you actually wrote these songs, i bow down to you. they are awesome. I right songs too(as you can seee in my story) so it's so cool to see other people's work. Escpecially stuff as awesome as that!