Nova Lane:  Truly a Villain

Nova Lane: Truly a Villain

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Skylark By thelonelyskylark Updated Jul 21

Formerly Truly Villainous

What is really the cause of suffering? 

Nova Lane was not a saint.  She'd never once considered herself to be the type of person who would selflessly sacrifice her life for other people.  

However, she wasn't exactly evil either.  Without going out of her way to hurt anyone, she lived her life aimlessly...only stubbornly holding on to one person.  

And for that, she died a miserable death...after having her everything stripped away ruthlessly by the people she thought she could trust.

Now that she has woken up to a reality before all her suffering came to pass...she is determined to change her fate.  If going by the rules didn't work, well.

Who told them to label her a villain?  This time, she's going to show them what it looks like to be truly villainous.

WARNING:  The author is an amateur and can be forgetful sometimes, so mistakes and plotholes may pop up from time to time.  Also, this is already the second incarnation of this book.  It will be vastly different from the first draft, so I apologize for any inconvenience.  

I am merely an aspiring writer who is incredibly insecure of my work, so I hope you'll be kind.

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