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scattering-memories By scattering-memories Updated Oct 18, 2011

Rayne and her brother have been kidnapped by a group of mysterious men dressed in black. She is separated from her brother, whom she does not know the whereabouts of, and she fights to escape this strange place called étrangers, French for foreign. Rayne realises that étrangers is no ordinary place, and the people there are not what they seem to be. The more time she spends at étrangers, the more she enjoys it there, finding solace in that beautiful immortal world. But happy endings do not exist in étrangers, with hidden lies and deceit, heartbreaks and bitter truths, and Rayne realizes that she has to make a choice that will change everything.

Everlenna Everlenna Nov 30, 2011
Loveeee it. This is the first Fantasy I read on here. Love the descriptions and your writing. No errors. Perfect. Lovely job you've done here. =] Votedd. Adding to my reading list.
Dreamingalong Dreamingalong Nov 30, 2011
Haha, loved the last line. 
                              Very descriptive and detailed. I didn't see errors which were good. The story also had a good flow which makes it easy to read. Solid and good. :)
scattering-memories scattering-memories Nov 28, 2011
                              Thank you! I think I'll edit the parenthesis. <:
callmetalora callmetalora Nov 28, 2011
You have really have great description. It was very vivid :) i enjoyed reading it.  I love how the chapter ended though.
poursomepixiedust poursomepixiedust Nov 28, 2011
Great, emotional start. :) It has great descriptions, solid start, nice flow and it's written well so great job! ^_^ Me? Impressed! :)
scattering-memories scattering-memories Nov 26, 2011
                              I only got the element bending from Avatar, but I don't think I'll make it into a fan-fic since it has no relation to the show besides the bending. xD
                              Haha, thanks for your comment and vote! :D <3