::{Loving Demon}:: Black Butler [Claude Faustus X Reader] ~ Chapter 1

::{Loving Demon}:: Black Butler [Claude Faustus X Reader] ~ Chapter 1

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under aged sith lord By violentxvirtue Updated May 18, 2014

(Chapter 1)    Claude X Reader    Surprise! 

~Loving Demon~

(Do keep in mind CLAUDE is completely different compared to SEBASTIAN!

So if things get awkward its CLAUDE'S FAULT!)

London 1868 

Trancy Manor  




You stood along side of the five household demons, as you watched you master, Alois Trancy, eat his dinner.

You had been a Trancy maid ever since you ran away from your unloving family. Alois and his Butler, Claude, apparently found you asleep in the streets of London. You was 19 then. It has been 2 years from that day. But today was your 21st birthday, and the other servants haven't been around you at all today.

"Where on earth are these guys! Hannah is supposed to help me make the young master tea!" (' Tea ' as in the Drink) you said to yourself.

"Fine, I'll make it MYSELF" you yelled at the manor... but still no response.

"Okay...wait, where's my apron!" you look down to find you weren't wearing an apron.


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TJ_57045 TJ_57045 Jul 17, 2017
Can there at least be one story where I be a Female Butler (they are rare)... Mmm.. Oh well
PhantomWithNoOpera PhantomWithNoOpera Jan 14, 2016
Apparently I know how to fly...
                              WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS SOONER?!
IsisNoone IsisNoone May 16, 2015
Wait, when Alois said that only him and reader Chan have birthdays, do demons not have birthdays? 
                              Me: So.. Bassy, what's your birthday
                              Sebastian: …Uhh.. I don't know, I don't think I have one ._.
hsp_123 hsp_123 Apr 17, 2015
I thought it said the bottom part of the uniform so I was like 'wait what butt clevage'
ms-matsu ms-matsu Oct 05, 2014
Eee I can only imagine those hands of his... Carrying me **faints**
Angels96 Angels96 Aug 30, 2014
ahahah I remember when I was in 9th grade I had Earth science and the teacher was telling us about different types of rocks and clevage came up and all you hear all the way down the hall from my class is everyone going CLLLLLLEVVVVAGGE!!!! 
                              They got that CLEVAGE!