fame ➳ jb & agb

fame ➳ jb & agb

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A story in which a girl wakes up to fame.


please remember that this is an a.u (alternative universe), any references or similarities to actual events, real people-- living or dead, or to a real place are intended to give the story a sense of reality, other than that, it's entirely coincidental.

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Why every fan-fic of jariana i read Ariana has to be in a crash??
I was born in Dallas Texas... Why not Dallas tho 😂😂😭😭
WTF TWO FRIGGIN YEARS?!?!? THEY DIDN'T SEEM SUPER EXCITED WHEN SHE WOKE UP LIKE DANG THEY WERE LIKE, "oh like ya bro you crashed and it's been two years since I've spoken to you. Hey girl."
babydollcha babydollcha Sep 14
I'm sorry but during this whole chapter I was singing amnesia 😂😂😂
CatWhoKills CatWhoKills Sep 02
She didn't have Amnesia in the first place, I think. She was just shocked and it was hard to put pieces together after 2 years of Coma
Dude let her take a break first 😐 she just woke up wtf 😑🔫