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How To Turn From Bad To Good

How To Turn From Bad To Good

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~ By BabySubmissive Completed

Have you ever wondered what happens to those bad girls and bad guys who get sent away? Well, the truth is revealed. They get sent to the biggest schools on earth. The BDSM schools. Here, they are dominated and forced into submission. 
In one of the bdsm schools, one person is known all around the world, Thierry Oslo, he is THE dominator. The one that made one girl submit just by forcing her onto her knees.
So what happens when Maya, the girl who drove her headteachers car into the lake, who threw a weight at a boy and is the girl who has a reputation, also, all around the world, for being excluded so many times, is suprisingly taken by force, by Thierry, and is trained by him and has to attend his school?
Can the school put her in her place?
Or will they give up?
 This is how to turn from bad to good.

How he gonna get away with slapping her and no one say anything ?!
Her crazy ass is me. Like honestly I can be really chill or motherfucking crazy there is no in between
phamalamm phamalamm Apr 18
*Song to Royals plays*
                              In this world it's like
                              you a hoe, you a bítch, you think that you're cute as shít
                              You a slūt, you a thōt, you think that you're super hot
If you trespass you get arrested and then you will never get a job or get into a good uni can these people do this sh!t
Obviously this is a different type of world people.. Its normal. Idiots
Why did she have to open her mouth like come on shut up don't say anything