The Melody of Silence - Part 2

The Melody of Silence - Part 2

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[COMPLETE] We thought the worst was over. We met as children, fell in love as teenagers, and lost each other on the cusp of adulthood. We fought hard for our happily ever after, and the night of our wedding we lay tangled in the sheets and basked in the exhausted satisfaction of a hard-won victory. We thought the fight was over. 

We were idiots. 

Marriage is not a happily ever after. It's a marathon of fights and challenges and hating the person you love so much you want to strangle them. And that's when it's easy. 

It wasn't easy for us. It shredded us to pieces. It left one of us decaying from the inside out and the other freezing from the outside in. It left us both wondering if fighting was even worth it, because something happened to us along the way. Something changed us. Something grabbed us and turned us around, spinning us away from our demons, turning our swords on each other. Something turned off the music.  

Could we ever turn the music back on? Could we find our way back to that spot in the woods with the stars overhead and the world spinning, forgotten, around us? 

Would we want to if we could?

TRIGGER WARNING -- Drug abuse, depression, suicidal behavior, buckets of death... the list goes on. If anything triggers you, please steer clear because you'll probably find it in here.

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