Fists of Injustice (The Dystopian Takeover 2)

Fists of Injustice (The Dystopian Takeover 2)

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Charisa O'Dell is on the run with her boyfriend, Kyle Rivers, and Tim, their fellow superhuman. She will stop at nothing to bring to justice the scientist responsible for kidnapping them, and to avenge the broken girl they had to leave behind. But to do so, they must travel across the world to gather evidence against the perpetrators behind the inhumane crimes done to them... and expose a conspiracy bigger than they could have imagined.

Meanwhile, Emily Rogers is doing her part as the mole in the Yin Program, leading her own investigation into this strange plot while making sure that she rises higher and higher in the ranks of the program that is more than a pre-college study. She'll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of what they've done to her boyfriend, Christopher Williams. Christopher, who is himself, but not himself- who she can't even trust anymore. Who is getting more and more webbed up in this strange scheme with each passing second...

Together, Charisa and Emily have to rise above the inhumanities inflicted upon them to bring to justice the monsters who have imprisoned those they love. Or be consumed by the thirst for vengeance that could destroy them all.

Sequel to the award winning Mind of Darkness!

First place winner of the Blue Rose Action Category! Second place winner in the Snow Awards seventh category!  Third place winner of the Medley Awards in the Action, Adventure, and Thriller Category! Honorable Mention of The Dazzling Spark Awards in the Fiction Category!

Including artwork from @LittleZari, @xlilylunapandax,  @articlight, @marvelandhpcommunity/@watsoninwakanda, @EtherealCommunity/XxEthereal_AngelxX,  @CannibalisticNecro,  @queen_of_sass, @Kashvi/Earnesty Graphics shop, and @BagelBro226/Pearl's Face claim shop.

#19 in Espionage, #30 in Girlpower, #33 in collegeromance, and #90 in diverse.

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