The Cost of Silence

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Maria By n0stalgic Completed
Amy Davis might seem like your ordinary teenage girl - wants out of her family, is only close with her sister, but that's just the beginning. In reality, Amy is very different from most kids, because very different (and mainly horrible) things have happened to her. All Amy has to do is figure out how to get through them, if it's even possible.
This was an interesting chapter!! Different in many ways but I really liked it!! :D
I\'m impressed...this is a really good first chapter! I\'ll absolutely keep reading! Keep up the good work! :)
I am dying here in suspense. I am impressed by your writing skills
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Nice! It's really creative and you really become hooked into the story right away in the first chapter!
Awesome. I really liked it. Even if it was awful and and didn't like it, I wouldn't be able to stop reading. I am dying to know what happened to her. What happened?!? I have to know!!
I liked it! I have to keep reading just to see whats going to happen. Lol