Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)

Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)

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😊 By countrycake Completed

Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. In a dark metal box with no memory of her past life. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't the best one. That is, until she finds Newt.

Featured in the official Wattpad fanfic Maze Runner fanfiction reading list! 

Book cover by soldtheworld

All characters and settings are owned by James Dashner. I only own Bree, and a few other select characters.

*Please keep in mind while reading that I wrote this when I was fourteen. (:

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sadlust sadlust 2 days ago
No I’m you but with bigger boobs, no dick, and longer hair.
Michey00123 Michey00123 3 days ago
My neighbor taught me. And when i finally learned i was going down a hill-like sidewalk and slammed in to my other neighbors wall.
Michey00123 Michey00123 3 days ago
This happened to me once. I woke up in a big /\§§ box wondering what the h3ll i was doing in there.
sadlust sadlust 2 days ago
Plot Twist: she’s on her period and freaks out cuz she can’t remember anything and she thinks she was stung in the vagina and they banish her and I laugh and then I get my period and then I banish myself and then-
Michey00123 Michey00123 3 days ago
Wow, no one said “I call dibs” like every single other fanfiction on wattpad. I can tell this story will b amazeballa
sadlust sadlust 2 days ago
I can’t wait for James Dashner to announce that Newt was gay this whole time and then all these
                               OC x Newt fics are just gonna be awkward