Wings Of Fire Truth or Dare

Wings Of Fire Truth or Dare

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WingsOfFireLover007 By WingsOfFireLover007 Updated May 14

Clay:We should play truth or dare guys

Glory:What! Why?

Clay:For fun

Sunny:Yeah lets get the Jade winglet to play too


Kinkajou:Hey guys!

Tsunami:Ahhh! Where'd you come from!

Moon:We're playing truth or dare, remember

Winter:Do we have to play?


Winter:But why?

Tsunami:Because we say so

Clay:Oooh, I wanna go first

Peril:Ok, Clay's going first everyone

Clay:Glory I dare you to play 7 minutes in heaven with Deathbringer


Deathbringer and Glory go into the closet. 7 minutes later they're still in there, another 7 minutes later:

Tsunami:You guys can come out now

No respond

Tsunami:Hello? Did you hear me, I said you can come out now its been 14 minutes-

Moon:Actually Clay technically said just to play it not how long to be in there  for

Tsunami:Well that's great, what do we do know 

Quibli:How'bout charades 

An hour later:

Deathbringer and Glory come out and Glory is a deep shade of pink

Tsunami:You finally decided to come out...

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