::X-Men:: In The Claws Of An Angel ::Wolverine::

::X-Men:: In The Claws Of An Angel ::Wolverine::

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tori By toritee0749 Updated Sep 21, 2014

26 year old Anabelle is a young woman just discovering her abilities as a telekinetic. She knows little about her mutation, or how to control it... She only knows that mutants are all over the news, constantly referred to as savage and dangerous.

When Anabelle's abilities respond to her distressed emotions and kill her abusive step father, Troy, she does the only thing she knows to do... Packs up what she can carry on her back, and flees her home, Portland, and ultimately the entire state of Oregon.

Anabelle survives seven lonely months on her own, struggling to teach herself to harness her telekinesis, which proves to be an uphill climb for her.

She gets by with her looks, hitching rides from city to city with truckers, or whoever will pick her up. Over the months, she perfects the art of shoplifting, living off gas station snacks and drinks. She learns to sleep wherever she can lay down, and soon the homelessness starts to take a toll on her.

But when Anabelle meets Logan, a mysterious, rugged man with no memory of his past, her world turns upside down. She discovers that he, too, is a mutant, trying to figure out who he is and where he came from... And she is fascinated by him.

Can a man who doesn't even know his own identity mend the shattered pieces of a young woman's broken soul...?

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xo_Elizabeth_ xo_Elizabeth_ Nov 23, 2017
Wait, if she's 26 and has a job why does she still live there??
swagevee543 swagevee543 Apr 16, 2017
I loved Logan out of all the movies star actors...Hugh Jackman for sure!!!!😄
JaegerWolfDakota JaegerWolfDakota Dec 03, 2017
Guys. I just realised that Hugh Jackman is 53 years old. HE’S OLDER THAN MY DAD
Jokes on you, you can’t get mad because it’s not my problem maa
Weirddemiwood Weirddemiwood Apr 29, 2017
So the daughter has to pay the bills, sorry but that mother is a bïtch
swagevee543 swagevee543 Apr 16, 2017
Me to hey Lovedemvines112 can I ask you a question I know I sound like a little kid but out of all the x-men powers, which one would you pick? (But I would have wolverines ability and you can't choose my favorite mutant-superhero power) k?