The Last Vampire

The Last Vampire

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J. E. Hallows By JEHallows Completed

When a massive solar flare changes life on earth forever, the human race is left with nothing but certain death. All food, all water turned to ash, evolution takes an unlikely turn - humans become vampires, the stronger feeding on the blood of the weaker to survive. One by one the humans dwindle, thus the vampires that feed on them surely follow.

Until only one remains.

This is the story of Noah, a young man with a guilty conscience, struggling to bear the burden fate has placed on his shoulders. He is the last vampire.

Or is he?

When an unknown woman appears, Noah is faced with an uncompromising companion. Forced to confront his conscience, he must make choices he never thought possible, choices that will change his life forever. 


-+- A cliche breaking vampire tale about what it means to live when all else is dead -+-

--3rd place winner in The Creativity Awards 2019--

--A Wattvampires Fangtastic Read February 2019--

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